Who is Lee Jensen?

My “name” is Lee Jensen—you’ll find that most advantage players use pseudonyms to preserve their anonymity; I’m no exception—and I’m a full-time professional advantage player.

AP Street is a collection of advantage play-related insight from me, as well as from other professionals I have met in my career. I want to share this insight with the AP community at large because I believe that “bad” APs or new APs with bad habits cost all advantage players money in the long run, and I think that the information on this site can help.

There are a lot of people who helped me over the years, and their advice and experience has made me a better AP. AP Street is my way of passing these helpful tips to you, and hopefully you’ll save yourself—and others—money as a result.

I’m not doing this for profit or notoriety. I would never charge someone money to teach them how to count cards, or lure them in with some super secret AP move that I’ll give them as a bonus if they pay me up front for three lessons. Most successful APs would never give up their best plays, especially to any random person willing to fork over $500 or whatever it is touts charge these days. If you come across such a “deal,” my advice would be to steer clear.

I update this site weekly at a minimum, but you can also find me on Twitter @LeeJensenBJ