Mission Statement

Our goal at AP Street is to pass along various tips, tricks, and ideas that we’ve learned through years of professional advantage play. In doing so, we hope to make life easier for new and learning advantage players, as well as encouraging discussion of the ins and outs of professional advantage play.

One of the most important traits of successful advantage players is the ability to learn from mistakes. We’ve made plenty over the years, and we’ve become stronger players as a result. It’s our hope that you can benefit from what we’ve learned the hard way, and that’s why this site exists.

Unlike some sites, we don’t promote systems, sell picks, or otherwise charge for anything. We make money as advantage players, not as salesmen. No memberships, no get-rich-quick systems, no e-books, no picks of the day, no bullshit—just advice and discussion for advantage players, from advantage players.

That’s not to say there’s nothing in it for us. By helping advantage players avoid common pitfalls and improve the subtlety of their play, we make it harder for casinos to pick off plays and identify skilled players. That benefits everyone. It means more money to go around before leaks and loopholes are closed, which means more money for you—and for us.