1. JB
    May 11, 2017 @ 5:01 pm

    Always, ALWAYS, always give the money back from a mistake. Better yet, stop the dealer from making the mistake. Trust me here, this will get you more play in any casino, and to an AP, it could be the difference between being caught and sliding under the radar.
    Imagine if you had been shorted that $1K at the cage, and the cage refused to give it back? Its sad but true, a lot of people get caught in this exact situation, and the casino requests the money back, and the person flat out refuses or becomes irate. This is all after the obvious; camera reviews, multiple people verifying the mistake, etc. In the case of a cage shortage, it’s only you that saw it and mentioned it, and you expected the mistake to be corrected, right? The casino expects the same reciprocation, and they have a team of people who do nothing but correct mistakes for a living.
    Just give it back. Don’t accept mistake money. Just like a bank error in your favor, you have to pay it back if requested. I can’t cite a law but I have seen a few ‘refusers’ get themselves detained, cursing about how they are going to sue and the casino is wrong, only to have a police officer review the video and tell the person in cuffs that they will pay it back, one way or the other. No strong arm tactics here, just plain old law and order, and the ones who fought it to the end got a court judgement against them for not only the mistake money, but the legal fees as well.


  2. TR
    June 7, 2017 @ 9:59 am

    This is such a wrongheaded comment, JB. You are confusing too many issues. This article is spot on. If you can get something in exchange for pointing out the dealer error (longevity, good will) then do it. Otherwise, keep it. If someone asks for it back, give it without question. Your post is utter nonsense.


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